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Chad Cooper, Life Coach

Sharing wisdom with a touch of humor

These shows are not yet complete, nor are they publicly available, so we have put together a montage of clips from the series.

We are currently in process on several whiteboard animated shows for life coach Chad Cooper. Chad plans to utilize these shows on his website, along with other video lectures and materials, and supported by his book "Time is not the Problem, You Are" for which we created the cover artwork (below). Chad's shows feature both a caricature of himself, and an "Everyman" character. The mission was to illustrate Chad's concepts on leading a fulfilling, balanced life with lightly humorous, compelling animation. When complete and posted on Chad's site, these shows will have motion graphic opening and end credits.

The shows are:

What? Me Write a Book?

Comfort Zone



Characters of Life

Project Details

CLIENT : Chad Cooper