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Frain Group

Explaining complex process in a simple, fun way.

Frain Group, a.k.a. Frain Industries, is the largest supplier of used packaging and processing equipment in North America. Creating a production line is a process which requires finding out lots of information and making many decisions. A wrong step at any point can be very expensivein terms of both time and money. Frain has made it their business to simplify this process for their clients. We have assisted them by producing several shows which explain Frain's methods.

Frain's shows all feature their custom characters: Joe - who always makes the correct decision by calling Frain, and Bob - who never seems to get the message. This storytelling method engages the viewer, who learns from Joe and laughs at Bob. Frain uses these shows on their website, and runs them at trade shows.

We have also worked with Frain to translate one of their shows into comic book format, as a hand-out at trade shows. Recently we designed the cover and interior layout for their book "Secrets of Buying Packaging Machinery, How to Win at a No-Win Game", using images from the animated shows to illustrate the book. The book and comic can be seen in our Graphic Design and Illustration-Books section. We also designed trade show banners featuring Joe and Bob.

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CLIENT : Frain Group